Our Birds

All of our birds are housed under the strictest standards set forth by the federal and state regulations outlined in our educational permits. We do not use any Raptors protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act to promote or endorse any product, merchandise, goods, services, business, or organization except for our educational activities.

The Hawks



Sedosa is a female Harris’s Hawk from the “Mancini” line of  Harris’s Hawks bred by Lee Shelton of Virginia. Besides being incredibly intelligent, Harris’ Hawks are the only “social” bird of prey in the world and Sedosa is a wonderful demonstration of that as she really seems to enjoy being around people. Sedosa is used in almost all of our programs. 



Chase is a male captive bred, eastern Red Tailed Hawk. Bred in Michigan by Aimee Pico, Chase comes to us by way of another Falconry School located in California.  Chase is a very tall bird with beautiful adult plumage. Red Tails are one of the most common birds of prey in the United States and can be found in almost every ecosystem in North America.  Chase is used predominantly in our Introduction to Falconry and our Walk with Hawks programs.



Rocky, age 5, is one of our smallest, yet most social, Harris’ Hawks here at OSF.  Rocky joined us early in 2018 from his home in upstate New York where he was flown by falconer Chris Gould.  Besides being an incredibly gentle soul, Rocky is a very accomplished hunter, something he likes to vocally remind every squirrel he sees outside of his flight chamber.  Rocky is used in almost all of our falconry programs.



Our most recent arrival, Baker (named for Cleveland Brown’s Quarterback Baker Mayfield), is a juvenile male Harris’ Hawk bred by Osama Thakeb of California.  Osama’s breeding project is focused on producing Harris’ that possess large feet, a good disposition and great courage in the hunt. Baker is currently in training to be flown in some of our newer, upcoming programs.


Mannix (a.k.a. Manny)

One of our newest arrivals, Manny is a juvenile European Common Buzzard.  Euro Buzzards have very small feet and largely subsist on carrion, filling the niche in Europe that is occupied by Turkey Vultures here in North America.  True to his species, Manny is an incredibly calm bird and seems to take everything on a slow pace! Manny will be used for a variety of newer, upcoming programs.

The Owls


Henson (a.k.a. Baby Henny)

One of the two most recent members to join our team is Henson (a male Eurasian Eagle Owl named for Muppets creator Jim Henson).  Eurasian Eagle Owls (EEO) are the largest, and most widely distributed, owls in the world and are often commonly mistaken for our North American Great Horned Owl, despite their smaller size.  One quick way to determine the difference between the two species is with relation to their horns.  While Great Horned Owls have horns that are vertical, the much larger EEO has horns that are more horizontal in nature.  Our male was bred by Rick and Judy West of Upstate New York and has already begun his duties as part of our birds of prey ambassador team.  Henson joins us as part of our Owl Encounter program and will be trained to work weddings.


Dr. Hoo

Another new team member that joined us just last year is Dr. Hoo, a male North American Barn Owl.  Besides being one of the most widely distributed species of owl in the world, Barn Owls are also one of the most iconic, thanks to their easily recognizable heart-shaped facial disc.  Found on almost every major continent, Barn Owls are commonly classified into three different subspecies, including the American Barn Owl (North/South America), the Western Barn Owl (Europe, Asia, Africa and western Asia) and the Eastern Barn Owl (southeast Asia and Australasia).  Dr. Hoo is of the American variety, which is largely considered to be the largest of the subspecies and was bred by Jonathan Wood of Upstate New York.  He has already begun his duties as part of our birds of prey ambassador team.  Dr. Hoo occasionally joins us for our Introduction to Falconry and Walk with Hawks programs and all of our Owl Encounter programs.

The Falcons



Shelly is an 8 year old pure Anatum Peregrine Falcon bred by Rick Woods in Iowa.  Peregrines are the most wide-spread of all falcon species in the world and can be found on every continent except Antartica.  In North America, there are three distinct peregrine subspecies, including the Peales (largest subspecies, found along the coast of Washington and Oregon), the Tundrius (smallest subspecies, found in the Artic region), and the Anatum (found throughout the US and Canada).  Due to her outstanding genetics, Shelly will be paired with a male Anatum early next spring as part of our new breeding program.



Faith is a 2018 Saker-Lanner Hybrid Falcon.  Due to their vigor, a great deal of the falcons flown in the sport today are hybrids (a cross of two or three different species of falcons). The Saker and Lanner falcons have been hybridized for generations due to the incredible agility and temperament.  They are renowned for their ability at “stooping the lure”. Stooping a bird to the lure is part of the process for training a falcon (a.k.a. longwing) to hunt, but it is also an extremely enjoyable way to exercise your bird. Faith is currently in training to become our primary lure stooping bird and will be part of our upcoming (’19) A Flying of Falcons program.

The Hunt Team

Lilith (a.k.a Sour Patch)

Lilith is a four year old female Harris’ Hawk from Gary Maul’s self-proclaimed Super Star pair.  Gary’s SS pair has become well-known for producing incredibly athletic young that have excelled at hunting all types of feather and fur.  Lilith is paired with Jehu (see below) as part of our Falconry Field Experience hunt team.


Bred by Lee Slikkers, and named for a biblical King, Jehu is a 10-year old male from the Jimmy Tompkins Outlaw line of Harris’ Hawks.  While a bit on the smaller side, compared to our other male Harris’, Jehu packs quite the punch and was quite an accomplished hunter before he came to join our hunt team as part of our Falconry Field Experience program.

The Propagation Team


Grayson and Meadow are Screech Owls, one of the smallest species of Owls found in North America (with the Saw Whet Owl being the smallest).  This will be the first year for the pairing of Grayson (a 7-year-old male gray phase Screech) and Meadow (a 7-year old intermediate phase Screech) so we have our fingers crossed that love will be in the air next nesting season.

Zinc/Lady Rogue Kracken

Zinc is a wild trapped, 5-year old, male Red Tailed hawk that just recently retired after a stellar career as a falconry bird (flown by our very own Kris Klosterman).  Zinc will be paired with arguably one of the largest female Red Tailed Hawks ever trapped in Ohio falconry history. At 62 ounces off the trap (and with a noticeable keel), Rogue has proven herself to be not only be a great hunter, but a BIG one at that.  Our goal is to produce the finest captive bred Red Tails available in the U.S.