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Of all the life events that you will experience, nothing is more important, or exciting, than your wedding! You want it to be perfect!  Let us help you create the type of “one-of-a-kind” memorable experience by which your guests will judge all future weddings.  We offer a variety of ways to make your special day extra spectacular! 

– Wedding Ring Delivery/Photos – Imagine the gasps of amazement as one of our non-native birds of prey flies overhead and delivers the rings to the wedding party member of your choice.  After the ceremony, our birds are available to join your wedding party for photos. 

– Reception – Our falconer(s) circulate amongst your guests at the reception, providing them with a fun (and educational) opportunity to get up-close and personal with our amazing birds of prey.  

– Flight Display* – Wow your guests with this amazing, and highly interactive, flight display as one of our our falconers puts a number of our birds through their paces. During the display, our falconer provides commentary and even engages some your guests as part of the flight crew!

(​*Note: Flight Displays require the availability of a large outdoor area at the wedding ceremony (or reception) venue.)

Call for pricing on any combination of our wedding programming.