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Press Features

It’s a beautiful, mild day in August, and I am staring into the dull blue eye of a decapitated chick head on the leather glove covering my outstretched fist… Read More

It is not every day that a hawk comes flying out of a tree and lands ever so softly on your hand… Read More

When out-of-towners visit Columbus, their “must-see” lists might include the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, a Buckeyes game or the latest… Read More

When Joe Dorrian was a child, he wanted to have a falcon… Read More

To experience a hawk spread its 3-foot wings and glide to a landing on a leather-gloved arm is a highlight for those attending a falconry program… Read More

Falconry is the sport of hunting with a trained bird of prey. The sport originated in Asia, more than 4,000 years ago, making falconry the oldest sport in the world. … Read More

When I visit a city, I seek out locations and experiences that are unique, that I can’t replicate anywhere else. I discovered that Columbus, Ohio has a lot to offer… Read More