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Our Staff

Joseph P. Dorrian, Director

Joe has had a passion for birds of prey, and the sport of falconry, since the age of 12, when he first read the book My Side of the Mountain. Now, a Master Class falconer (with over 15 years of experience working with hawks, owls and falcons), Joe served as Ohio’s first Apprentice Falconry Director for over 5 years before opening the Ohio School of Falconry (OSF) in 2014. Before starting OSF, Dorrian worked as an Sr. Organizational Development Consultant for companies such as Huntington Banks, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and OhioHealth. With each program that he facilitates, Dorrian strives to help individuals understand and appreciate, not only birds of prey and the sport of falconry, but also the important role that trust plays in the development of healthy working relationships, whether it be with humans… or hawks! Joe is married to his wife Kim and they have two children, Mason and Lainey.

Stephanie Stuckwisch, Program Facilitator

A lifelong resident of central Ohio, Stephanie (an accomplished equestrian and falconer) graduated from Mount Holyoke college with a degree in Biology and will begin her graduate studies in Raptor Biology this fall. It was during her freshman year of college that she first started her falconry journey. Now a General Class falconer, Stephanie has worked with a variety of hawks, falcons and owls and currently facilitates a variety of our programs.

Kris Klosterman, Program Facilitator

A career Firefighter/Paramedic for the city of Springfield, Kris previously worked as semi-professional Bull Rider. While Kris has worked with a variety of raptors during his 5 years in the sport, he has largely specialized in hunting with Red Tailed hawks. Kris facilitates a variety of programs for us, including our new upcoming Falconry Field Experience. Kris is married to his wife, Mia and they have two children, Mackenzie and Dane.

Lainey Dorrian

While Lainey is the youngest member of the OSF falconry team, she has a lifetime of experience working with a variety of owls, hawks and falcons. She has a keen passion for birds of prey in general, and for her boy Henson in particular. When she is available, Lainey assists us with all of our falconry programming.